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Ask Oracle April 25th, Kaylor April 25th, Leave a reply Click here to cancel the reply Your email address will not be published. Weekly Horoscopes Overview Love Money. Monthly Horoscopes Overview Love Money. Yearly Horoscopes Overview Love Money. Download Mobile Apps. Forgot your details? Create Account. Starcast for the week beginning November 27th, Mars is keeping your Soul deep in the recesses of your story. It will not be allowing you to waiver or wander, it is putting your nose straight in the center of it.

With your ruler Mars now in Scorpio, he is unearthing the very depths of your desires and he is speaking to you through your instinctual body, letting you know what steps are next to drive you forward. Fortunately, loving Venus just entered stable Capricorn and is progressively forming an angle of great support, called a sextile, to Mars, empowering you to travel to greater depths within your journey while experiencing relative stability and leverage as you go. Venus is also connecting easily to radical Uranus in Taurus at the same which can make the progress happen at the speed of light.

It can happen as fast as you make up your mind. Like a light switch, everything can change in a blink. You have everything you need energetically speaking to make what you seek happen.

You will be thrown more than a bone this week Taurus, as your ruler Venus just entered fellow earth sign Taurus and is working her way into forming a harmonizing angle to Mars, the planet of desire. Does this mean you are going to get what you want? It is certain to make things easier versus harder. In addition, Venus is in perfect alignment with change-maker Uranus in your sign, so it could make the change that does happen feel good. Being a fixed sign means you are not a big fan of change but while something may not feel familiar, it is going to benefit you big before you know it.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Scorpio in your house of relationships and forming a healing trine to Neptune in Pisces, suggesting mixing things up and trying a new entry point with a loved one could work some magic in your world. Neptune is stationary direct after being retrograde for five months on Wednesday, Nov.

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This is the time of year for making amends and healing troubled waters. Try it, and it could lift your Soul right out of an old problem and into a peaceful resolution. Your Soul quickly figures out how to make the very best of something and just as you do, it turns out far better than planned. Your ruler Mercury is in Scorpio and seamlessly aligning with Neptune, the planet that governs a higher perspective. It may be too that you are stuck at work dealing with something you would rather not have to do right before the holiday.

Simply because you find yourself there, you may just invite a serendipitous scene.

Scorpio Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope March 18-25 2019

Loving Venus just entered Capricorn and will partner powerfully to Mars in Scorpio this week. To add to the charge, Venus will be plugged into Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury, adding a stunning element of surprise. There is nowhere for them to run, and you have something to say. What are the chances? Health issues can also improve, possibly rapidly, and unexpectedly be cured. It is a wild, anything is possible, kind of week.

Now that Mars, the planet of action and desire, is in fellow water sign Scorpio, you are reminded of the strength of your will, and quickly finding that there is little you cannot do if you follow the light of your inner flame. A passionate fire is ignited now, one that can burn through any barriers you had erected to protect you. This is a highly magnetic place for Mars to be for your sign Cancer and it provides living proof of the sheer power of directing your desires with pure passion and intent.

The seemingly miraculous can manifest. Loving Venus has entered your opposite sign of Capricorn as well and she is progressively moving in perfect union with Mars in the coming week. Within this, Venus is ideally aligned with Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs, in a way that grants you entrance into a world you never knew existed.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is also in fellow water sign Scorpio, and is favorably combining with Neptune, the planet of the ideal, encouraging you to envision the ultimate scenario or set of circumstances for your future. With Neptune stationary direct on Wednesday, Nov.

This time it's your mind that could very well work some magic, so put it to work and then follow it with action! I heard a song when I was out driving this past week, lyrics that seemed to ring so timely and true, for you, Leo.

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Not all of the Leos of the land may need this literal message but there is a message within the message nevertheless that speaks to the truth of a powerful reclaiming. We can all benefit from the awareness granted when these steps are taken. You are discovering the depths of your strength. Action Mars is in Scorpio in your house of home and the emotional body and just came through an opposition to Uranus. Themes of endings and empowering new beginnings are in the air and with loving Venus now in earth sign Capricorn and forming an angle of support to Uranus, some of the steps you are taking now are putting the nurturing of your own awesome heart first.

There is tremendous energy for stepping out of something that is not good for you, whatever that may be, in work or in love. Mercury is in Scorpio as well and aligning beautifully to Neptune, extending an invisible hand so you can rise above a hardship and witness the promise of what only unconditional love can bring.

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A significant energetic shift has arrived, and there is more than enough charge to change just about everything in your heart for the better! It is all a matter of interpretation this week, Virgo. All things do happen for a reason, whether we like it or not. There is no such thing as a coincidence and the law of cause and effect is a real deal.

Your ruler Mercury is in Scorpio and is forming a strong trine to Neptune in your house of relationships. At the same time Neptune stations direct after being retrograde for five months. This is strong statement for an ecstatic lift. This opens doors for the clearest of communication where compassion and forgiveness is at the threshold of your exchange. It softens you, thus opens you, thus heals you. It can bring out the very best of what you and another have to offer one another in a relationship and it can allow you to be on the same page.

You need that and so do they. Loving Venus is in fellow earth sign Capricorn and brilliantly combining with Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus, while also partnering powerfully with Mars in Scorpio. You will know just how to deeply reach someone and your voice will make a permanent mark, of the best possible kind. There is nothing like being caught in a storm. The holidays can cause enough stress as it is but throw in some harsh weather and it can send the Soul into a tailspin. However, something happens when we are forced to stop as a result of that which is out of our control, thus out of our hands.